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    Welcome to
    Group BMI-INVEST professionally engaged in the organization of mining cryptocurrency Bitcoin.
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    Our goal
    500 pieces Asik miners
    Professional approach to building Maning BITCOIN farm
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    The most demanded and popular
    Cryptocurrency BITCOIN
    One of the main features of the system - full decentralization

What do we offer

Stable income

Mining BITCOIN provides a stable income on a daily basis , we appreciate the stability and transfer to work with all investors and partners.

Affiliate program

We appreciate our partnership with business partners. In business, a reliable partner, the key to success and prosperity . Multilevel affiliate program a tool for building a reliable business.

9 Marketing Plans

3 directions plans were developed at the request of investors contact . It's daily, weekly , monthly marketing plans. Numerous plans gives a broad overview of the choice of participation.

Guaranteed business

All proceeds go to investorv guaranteed purchase of new equipment from the company BITMAIN and to maintain business process .

Trust and openness

Each stage of buying coverage in the news, recorded video material . We try to show the maximum openness , as we understand that the more open , the more your confidence in us.

Quick payment

According to the rules of the payment are made within 48 hours after application. For our part , we understand the importance of rapid payout , so the average time of payments is no more than 30 minutes.

Little About Us

BMI-INVEST - a group offering services to invest in Bitcoin mining cryptocurrency

We offer a stable income private investor with BMI-INVEST. All you need is to trust their money in the service management, where you will receive a set profit marketing conditions. You do not need any experience or knowledge of complex processes . Forget about the risk and the possibility of losing their money . Open an account with the service, and watch the growth of your investment . Doing things you love , that while your profits will grow together with BMI-INVEST.

Our strategy of cooperation with investors based on the principle of trust management . Depending on the number of coins produced Bitcoin and total profits , BMI-INVEST will pay out to their investors profit established marketing conditions. Charging takes place according to the marketing conditions. Learn more about our marketing can be found in the section "Marketing"

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